Elie Martel, Moneyer of Coldedernhale
(mka: Byron L. Reed)

February 2005 Greetings from the Shire of Coldedernhale! I am one of the new members from the Kingdom of Northshield.

I must admit outright that I am very new to the SCA Experience, but have in the last few months enjoyed the good fellowship displayed by all whom I have encountered.

Association with the SCA comes through a friend at work. One day, while showing her some medieval coins acquired for my collection, she asked about how they would have been produced. I told her what I knew of the process and then mentioned that I had always wanted to try to make some of my own. That's all it took for her to give me the SCA pitch and challenge me make some tokens for the shire.

My intention is to produce tokens that mimic the style of the Carolingian dynasty and, accordingly, my persona will be Ninth Century Frankish. My tentative SCA name is Elie Martel. This is meant to reference Saint Eligius and Charles Martel ("The Hammer") for obvious reasons.
March 2005 Elie Started work on his die bolster.