History of the Northshield Moneyers.

In the month of January, 2005, the Yahoo group sca_moneyer saw a sudden increase in membership from SCA members and participants located in the Kingdom of Northshield. This trend caught the watchful eye of Master Emmerich of Vakkerfjell, OL, who proceeded to offer these members assistance toward the establishment of a moneyer's guild in Northshield.

After some crossing of emails, Andronikos Tzangares ho Philosophos took the initiative of starting the Yahoo group ns-moneyer to facilitate communications in February, 2005. Those interested in participating with the Northshield Moneyer's should join this group and post an introduction.

As of this writing (3/13/2005), there is no formal moneyer's guild for the Kingdom of Northshield. It is the intention of group Northshield Moneyers to work toward that goal. Therefore, the Northshield Moneyers have no official recognition or connection with the Society for Creative Anachronism or the Kingdom of Northshield.

Also in February of 2005:
    Andronikos made the generous offer to direct the Northshield Moneyers in their attempt to become a recognized guild.
    Elie Martel offered to be the group's chronicler. This includes the publication of periodic newsletters, posting of web pages, and distribution of struck pieces to other members and numismatic organizations.
Master Emmerich offered to assist the Northshield Moneyers by holding a coining seminar tentatively scheduled for mid-August, 2005 in the Cheyenne-Denver-Black Hills region.